Per una critica della resilienza

  • Domenico Fargnoli


The concept of resilience stems from the attachment theory formulated by John Bowlby, an English psychoanalyst. He, in his turn, was inspired by Konrad Lorenz’s research on ethology. During the 1930s, Konrad Lorenz joined the National Socialist party sharing its ideas on race. In France, Boris Cyrulnick, a Jewish neuropsychiatrist, continued research on ethology and developed his thought on resilience based on his own experience as an orphan and a victim of racial persecution, thereby annulling the experience of birth and highlighting the importance of prayer and of faith as elements of resilience. Massimo Fagioli’s theory has changed completely the way traumatisms are considered. For instance, he considered traumatic experiences to be an opportunity for previously latent psychic characteristics to become manifest.


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