Resilienza e salute mentale Intervista a Frauke Schultze-Lutter

  • Martina Brandizzi
  • Alice Masillo
  • Frauke Schultze-Lutter


In 2016, Frauke Schulze-Lutter, a clinical psychologist at the University of Düsseldorf and one of the main experts in identification of and early intervention in psychosis, was interviewed with the intent to explore in depth the concept of  esilience in psychiatry and its role in guaranteeing individuals’ wellbeing and good mental health. The concept of resilience is extremely wide, not too well defined, and still object of research. The interview explores its basic ingredients, its origins and the relation it has with genetics, attachment styles, learning and children’s traumatic experiences. Eventually, the link between resilience and vitality, as it was conceptualized by psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli, is explored.


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